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Various articles with no specific theme: 1976 - 1991, Das Ende der Ein-Parteien-Herrschaft?’ – Reinhart Kobler/Henning Melber, 1991 - ‘Namibia: Policy at the crossroads’ – an address to the Pretoria Branch of the South African Institute of International Affairs, by Sean Cleary, 1987 - ‘Mediation in Southern Africa: Exploring the future’ by André du Pisani, n.d. - ‘Namibia since Geneva’ by André du Pisani, Occasional Paper, The South African Institute of International Affairs, 1981 - Untitled document – [Constitution of Namibia] (English & Afrikaans versions) - ‘Namibia/South Africa relations since independence’ by Graham Evans, 1991 - ‘Namibia: The state of the struggle’ by Reginald Herbold Green, n.d. - ‘Perestroika im Suden Afrikas – Namibia wird unabhangig’ by Heribert Weiland, n.d. - ‘People in power’ by Peter Kenny, 1990 - ‘The South African intervention in Angola 1975-76’ by Robin Hallett, 1978 - ‘White SWA group calls for pressure on SA’ from the Citizen, 1987 - ‘Cuba and Angola’ by Gillian Gunn, 1987

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