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Various: 1977 – 1984, - ‘Enter the twilight of corporate rule’ by André du Pisani, n.d. - ‘Dimensions of militarization: separate development, state structures and the rise of the military in South Africa’ by Annette Seegers, 1984 - ‘The Soviet Union in Sub-Saharan Africa: Past achievements and future prospects’ by Robert Schrire, n.d. - ‘Dependency theory in Southern Africa: some aspects of migrant labour’ by JFdev Graaff, 1982 PA 2/2/8 ARTICLES (Cont.) - ‘The state of international theory: the Machiavelli option’ by Michael R Sinclair, 1982 - ‘The setting of South Africa’s foreign policy before Zimbabwe’ by Deon Geldenhuys - ‘Namibia: scenarios for change’ by André du Pisani, n.d. - Comment on ‘Interdependence and counter-revolution: the advent of Zimbabwe and South Africa’s “Total Strategy”’ by Philip Frankel, 1980 - ‘Conflict in the South’ by I William Zartman, 1979 - Namibia old and new’ by Gerhard Totemeyer, 1978 - ‘On interpreting the history of Afrikaner political thinking: some problems and is

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