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Various: 1973 – 1980, The Namibian predicament: a study in the pathology of change’ by André du Pisani, n.d. - ‘On interpreting the history of Afrikaner political thinking: some problems and issues’ by André du Toit, 1979 - ‘Independence and beyond – Namibia’s future in perspective’ by Thomas Wolfgang H, n.d. - Die aard, Wese en Toekomstttige Ontwikkeling van die Akademie vir Terstiere Onderways van SWA/Namibie, n.d. - Openbare Finansies en Die Sakeweheld in SWA/Namibie, n.d. - ‘United States reiterates support for the independence of Namibia and Zimbabwe at Maputo Conference’, 1977 - ‘Die Arbeidsituasie in Suidwes-Africa’ deur Rauha Voipio, 1973 - ‘Urbanisation in Africa’ by Joan Vincent, 1976 - ‘Suidwes-Afrka-saak en die volkereg’ by AC Cilliers, 1971 - ‘Catching game in South West Africa’ by JM Hofmeyer, n.d. - ‘Ornithological research in South West Africa’ by RAC Jenses PA 2/2/7 ARTICLES (Cont.) - ‘Independence and beyond: Namibia’s future in perspective’ by Wolfgang H Thomas, 1980 - ‘Die rol van Owambo

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